The Definitive Guide to Developing a Successful Leadership Coaching Program

Everything you need to know to elevate your leaders and grow your company.

6 Takeaways You'll Get from Reading This eBook

The organizational impact of coaching‬

Create more effective leaders by implementing a system that guides insights, actions and results leading to greater productivity.

The benefits of coaching for your team

Uplevel critical skills like strategic thinking and communication that result in effective management that inspires teams.‬

Steps to executing a coaching strategy

Define your vision, get your team on board, target the right employees, measure their success and celebrate as your prosper!

How to focus your coaching program‬

An understanding of culture, values, processes, and goals to ensure your program is impactful and aligned with the needs of the business.

The coach matching process

Sounding Board aligns each individual to the best coach fit for them using a proprietary, 6-point matching system that has a 97% success rate.‬

How to ensure success

When participants are excited about coaching, they are more engaged, which will make the overall engagement more successful.


We Develop the World’s Most Impactful Leaders

Sounding Board is the first Leader Development Platform designed to bridge the leadership gap. We empower leaders. Aligned with behavioral science-backed leadership development, our platform can deliver unparalleled flexibility and measurable impact in leadership coaching engagements.‬