Leadership Is a Verb:

Leadership Coaching is the Key for Outcome-driven Development

The shift to remote work, stresses associated with the pandemic, and increasingly occurring disruptions in the global business environment have all contributed to leadership’s evolution.

To say that leadership has changed significantly over the past few years feels like an oversimplification, but it’s true.

Leadership is a verb. Leaders must take thoughtful, continuous action with consistent and frequent reflections on lessons learned in order to develop, and they must employ valuable metrics to gauge their progress and growth. Leadership is no longer done from a hill on high. It is best fostered through personalized, expert-led leadership coaching, and shared or cohort-based learning experiences.

We spoke with three leaders in the HR field to get their perspectives on the evolution of leadership and talent development:


Ed Cohen

Chief People
Officer at SprintRay


Adri Maisonet-Morales

Vice President of Enterprise Learning
Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina


Judy Whitcomb

Senior Vice President of HR


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