One leader development platform. The benefits are clear.

Introducing the only Leader Development Platform you’ll ever need‭. ‬With Sounding Board there’s no more juggling multiple leadership coaching programs‭, ‬no more manual tracking‭, ‬or hit or miss coach matching‭, ‬and definitely‭ ‬no more lackluster data‭.‬

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Flexibility, leadership expertise, measurable impact

If you believe in leadership coaching like we do you’ll appreciate the benefits of a unified Leader Development Platform


Consistent, enterprise-first digital user experience

Coaches, leaders, and their managers can collaborate and capture insights throughout the coaching journey.‬


Automation reduces time to coaching delivery

Seamlessly automate program coordination across your entire coach bench‭.‬


Robust analytics for clear ROI reporting

Take advantage of standardized, interactive success metrics across all leadership coaching programs.


We Develop the World’s Most Impactful Leaders

Sounding Board is the first Leader Development Platform designed to bridge the leadership gap. We empower leaders. Aligned with behavioral science-backed leadership development, our platform can deliver unparalleled flexibility and measurable impact in leadership coaching engagements.